12 Week Marine Corps Recruit Training Prep (Paperback)

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12 Week Marine Corps Recruit Training Prep (Paperback)



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This is a 12-week program designed to develop the strength and stamina to successfully complete every physical aspect of Marine Corps Basic Training. The overall goal of this program is to max out the PFT, CFT, and Swim Qual. With having overall stamina to be physically superior while attending Marine Corps Basic Training. We have scientifically broken down this training to get you to optimize your potential without over training or causing injury.

Very detailed and I’m really impressed Semper Fi!
— Marine Squad Leader
You see a lot of prep program or secret squirrel stuff that people do (crazy amounts of push ups, pull ups, long runs) and honestly they are just BS. Their is no clear mission to it or rep schemes and frequency. USMC PREP is not this, amazingly thought out program!
— Marine Infantryman


Progressionary Training.

  • Movement Principles.

  • Understanding Marine Corps Standards.

  • Prepping for your PFT, CFT, and Swim Qual.

  • Swimming Techniques.

  • Direct Contact with Josh & Nick to assist you through training.

  • Access to Private Facebook Commuinty.

  • Diet and Sleep Protocols.

  • Recovery Protocols.

  • Exclusive Workout Content/Videos.

  • Workout Calendar.

  • Exclusive Content, Live Chats.

Josh and Nick have worked with the NSCA Tactical Strength and Conditioning Program (TSAC) to develop a program to prepare you not just to participate in Marine Corps Basic Training but max out your potential while you are there. Being a Marine is about being the best that you can be so that means the bare minimum standards are just not good enough. This programs step by step process will layout the steps to improve your performance in order to achieve the title Marine with the highest scores possible. To be at the top of your Platoon!


Nick spent 12 years in the United States Marine Corps. He graduated Marine Basic Training as Company Honor Man. He went on to serve with 2D Force Recon Co and 3rd Reconnaissance Bn. His last 5 years was spent with Marine Special Operations Command at 2D Raider Bn as a Marine Raider.

% of each program sold is donated to The Raider Project

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Josh spent 13 years in the United States Marine Corps. He spent his first 5 years grinding it as a Marine Infantryman. He then transferred to Quantico to as an instructor/trainer Foreign Weapons, High Risk Personal, and Small Arms weapons Instructor Course. His last 5 years was spent with Marine Special Operations Command at 2D Raider Bn as a Marine Raider.