From the very start, when I decided I was going to go back to school to get my bachelors in Digital Cinematography with Full Sail, I also saw the Masters Program for Business Entertainment. 

I had already started my YouTube Channel. I had already been a part of a Discovery network television show called Trailblazers. At the time I had 5 different businesses (now 7 working on my 8th). I had a good team and was really happy with the direction that things were heading.  However, that is not my personality. I will never be content, I will never feel like I am successful, I will never make it. Not because I have some sort of self esteem problem or think negative. I believe that there is no such thing as a point of arrival. The thing people think about when they have “made it”. That dream job, the perfect business, achieve a certain pay rate. All of these things are not permanent nor certain. The only thing I feel is certain is forward. We can either stand still or we can never quit, never surrender, and always keep moving forward in our pursuit. Our pursuit for knowledge, success, our dreams, our creativity, in the end it’s really just our journey. 

So, with all that said, my intent is just that, it is an intent of the journey. The pursuit of knowledge, experience, to never settle where I currently am. Never being satisfied that I know it all, or that one of my creations is good enough. There is always better, there is always more, there are always ways to have better perspective, and the only person in my way of it all is the person I have to look at in the mirror. 

My intent is the experience, the ruthless, unforgiving journey of it all.