“Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear.”
— George Addair
Mysterious door

When I originally heard this it hit me like a ton of bricks! In my daily life I work with and communicate with a lot of people. Over the years I’ve been able to see people fail and succeed.

I don’t think the ones who succeed are not afraid. I believe they just decide not to allow those fears to over take them. I’ve watched people quit or fail right before they are about to hit that first break through.

So whatever your dreams are, don’t quit right before you get there. You will never know true greatness unless you walk through that door labeled fear.

Tag und Nacht

But what if… It just so happens that if you had the courage to open that door and stop on the others side that all of your success and dreams are living on the other side?

I feel like most of what we want is on the other side of that fear. I don’t think it gives you a simple path to success or that you won’t fail but if you quit when you get to the door you will never know of the possibilities that lay ahead. For me I will always go through that door and when I get to another one, I’ll go through that one also. Knowing I might mis step and fail but that is not my ending, that is just part of the journey to get to the other side of my fear.