This month has been great timing for both finishing the Mastery class and now Executive Leadership. You see, I have my own company that I started in 2013 and we now have 17 employees that is about to jump to 25 employees. I have found that I have struggled with the growth of things because it has taken me away from what I love which is pushing growth and creating the content and products for your company. While I have done very well at as the CEO of Alexander Industries it brought me to managing people almost 80 percent of my time. Because of this we have seen a drastic decrease in creative content and media growth. Still doing well and for the last 3 years we have acquired a new business each year, moving into another acquisition this year. Again, more growth meaning managing more people, taking me away from what I love and in all actually should be doing on my day to day.

Here is where I struggle, I absolutely love people! I love having a team, I love seeing them grow and learn new things and I love inspiring them. I am much more a Maxwell type of leader than I am Greene. In a way I actually envy Greene style of leadership in a way. The drive of success and the almost cutthroat nature of it is all very real. People that follow the 48 Laws of Power will more than likely be very successful. On the contrary though, how many of those individuals will be successful and at the end of the road be alone? When the Maxwell type of leader might not be as successful in the big picture but will be surrounded by people that love and adore them to the bitter end. However, I feel that that type of leader can sometimes be taken advantage off.

I feel the true master is one who can balance between the two and draw on each of their teachings when the time is needed. It is all about having the right tool for the right job. These past two months have been some trying times managing employees due to my Maxwell style of leadership. I have had to draw on some of the Greene techniques to fighting things up. It has been instrumental in my success the past two months.