Ali CaprA Koumalatsos - CO-OWNER alexander industries - director of marketing & content

Alison Capra is a writer, producer, videographer and adventure photographer devoted to telling the stories that take her behind the scenes, off the grid, and up the next mountain. Alison spent the last 15 years traveling the world and experiencing new cultures. Her passion is for the outdoors, people, and art in all forms. Alison is a partner of Alexander Industries in Eastern North Carolina and a film school graduate from Full Sail University. She is the author of “How NOT to be a Miserable Cow” She is a marketing specialist with 14 years of experience in the industry. It is her goal to stay trained, active, and vigilant for the rest of her life as she pursues adventures around the world.

Josh Honsberger co-author usmc prep/raider prep

Josh Honsberger spent the majority of his adult life, 13 years, serving in the Marine Corps. He was an Infantryman, Instructor, Developer, and a Marine Raider. Josh has served his country in the Global War on Terror (OIF & OEF), performed Humanitarian Missions, and ventured the globe alike. Medically retired in 2014 after a traumatic parachuting incident set him on a new path in life where he strives to assist others in becoming the highest functioning individuals they can become in all aspects of life; Physically, mentally, and within themselves. He currently resides on the Big Island of Hawaii with his beautiful wife, Hannah, and two young daughters.


Liz Morris - operations Director

Liz Morris is originally from Virginia. She studied Exercise Science at Old Dominion University. Her husband Justin is in law enforcement, they have three fur babies and currently live in North Carolina. Liz enjoys helping others and being involved in the community.



 johnny raushi - business partner - johnny slicks - cook

Johnny Slicks was an Armorer in the Marine Corps from 2012 to 2016. He became passionate with grooming products in 2014 but didn’t start hand brewing until 2015. Finding a formula that will not only style hair but promote healthy hair growth became an obsession. It wasn’t until the early months of 2017 when he was able to brew the perfect blend of oils that would set the standard for future products. Johnny Slicks aspires to help and educate everyone through his products and experiences.

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Ken Jones is originally from Southern Louisiana but has lived in Eastern North Carolina ever since he was stationed in Camp Lejeune in 2007. He spent nine years in the Marine Corps where he served with 2d MSOB, 2d Reconnaissance Battalion, and 3rd Battalion in both 9th and 6th Marines. After the Marine Corps, Ken became a Certified Fitness Trainer where he specialized in Group Training, Functional High-Intensity Interval Training, and teaching Beginner/Advance Kettlebell Techniques. In early 2017, he briefly began making fitness videos on YouTube, but that was quickly abandoned as he discovered that he enjoyed building camera rigs and telling stories through video editing more. Ken still enjoys all things active and being outdoors, but is much happier to be able to spend more time with his wife and three children.

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Bishop Fitzgerald - aI Fulfillment

Bishop was born in Virginia and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. He is a gamer, animal lover and tech guy. PROFICIENT in all things fulfillment related. Bishop is hardworking, smart, accurate and extremely pumped about getting your orders to you on time!


Rebecca Raushi - Snap Fitness Manager

Rebecca is originally from Pennslyvania and has lived in Eastern, NC since her husband John joined the Marine Corps. They enjoy going to the beach, watching movies, eating, & working Johnny’s organic pomade & beard oil company- Johnny Slicks! Rebecca is passionate out fitness and helping you reach your goals. 


Miles Leyva - SNAP Fitness Team Member -Trainer

Miles is a motivated exercise enthusiast who's goal for gym goers is not only intense physical challenge, but an educating experience that will set them up with the best tips and tricks to meet their fitness dreams. he is studying nutrition at coastal Carolina to further his knowledge to encourage others to make themselves the best versions of themselves they can be.

Caitlin Chaussee - SNAP Fitness Trainer

Caitlin has been in the health and fitness industry for over 3 years and a fitness enthusiast for over 12. She graduated from Eastern Washington University with her Bachelor’s in Exercise science and holds her certifications in Health Coaching and Personal Training from American Council on Exercise (ACE) and her Certified Exercise Physiologist Certification from American College of Sports Medicine (ASCM). Growing up she played soccer and competed in cross-country and track and field. Nowadays, she enjoys running, hiking, horseback riding and strength/conditioning training. Caitlin specializes in strength/conditioning, weight loss and flexibility/mobility training and uses a wide variety of training modalities such as the TRX suspension trainer, core exercises and bodyweight exercises in her programs. She aims to educate her clients on the components of health and fitness and create a fun yet challenging exercise program to help her clients exceed their fitness goals.

She is (ACSM) Certified Exercise Physiologist

(ACE) Certified Health Coach

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Certified High Intensity Tactical Training (HITT) Level 1 & 2 Instructor

Certified TRX Force Level 1 Instructor



Macy is a Texas girl at heart. Relocated for family, she is a dedicated helicopter Aunt and dog mom. Macy loves hiking and any other type of adventure that may come her way. Macy is an expert in customer service and support, full of unique and creative ideas, with years of retail management experience. We are thrilled to have her on our management team.


Ella Koumalatsos - Project Manager Ship-On-Site

Ella is currently a high school student. Her focus at Ship- on- Site is to execute design and print projects. She loves to see different movies and enjoys focusing on school to get the best grades possible. Ella is a cat lover and loves to laugh and drink coffee. When she isn’t doing school work, she is usually working at Ship On Site, and when she is not working – she is baking or shopping.


Geyna Franklin - Customer Support Ship-On-Site

Geyna recently moved San Diego to Surf City. She’s an energetic, fun going person, who enjoys being in the company of loyal, positive people!  Geyna enjoys being outdoors and enjoying nature! She wonderful family which consist of her husband,  son, and fur baby. Her goal in this life is to make the world a better place!


Trina Ciaramella - Customer Support Ship-On-Site

Trina is born and raised in Eastern North Carolina and is married with two kids! She helps her husband of 20 years grow his business of internet sales, and is watching her kids grow up and get into colleges right before her eyes. She is a hard worker and is passionate about her family’s success. She loves going outdoors with her husband on the weekends and they are looking forward to having an empty nest when her kids go off to college.


Brandon Porter - Facility manager

Brandon is a Marine turned Entrepreneur that lives life on his terms. After the Marine Corps he got a degree in Gunsmithing and CNC Machining. He also attended the entrepreneurship BootCamp for Veterans at Purdue University. Brandan is a citizen of the world, growing up in Guam, Turkey and Australia as an Air Force Brat. He specializes in carpentry and wood working. Brandon is married to the best wife he could ever wish for and has service dog that thinks Brandon is his service person.