What is success? 

Is it having XXX Millions of dollars in the bank? Is it having a super successful business? Or is it just to simply be happy?

I see people all the time pushing to be “successful” without really defining what that success means. Sometimes I think we can get so wrapped up in what we determine is our own vision of success is that we might just miss it. Most people equate success to their finances. Makes sense, right? Work hard, make more money, money pays for a better life, right? Maybe.  But what happens when I’ve worked my whole life and I’m now successful, however I’ve neglected all my meaningful relationships and I’ve stressed so much over the years that I have health issues or can’t sleep at night, and now I’m alone, estranged from my family, kids, significant other? But hey I’ve got tons of cash in the bank so I should be good.

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Click Picture For 2017 Keynote

Don’t take me wrong. I don’t have XXX of Millions piling up in the bank. However, I feel an overwhelming feeling of success every day. I manage 6 different organizations on a daily basis. None of them have made it on any special list of awesome businesses YET. But they are showing a percentage of growth every month, making payroll for all of my employees every week, the entire team is happy, healthy, and enjoy supporting those organizations. I absolutely love every day of this job! I work extremely hard at every one of those organizations and care for them deeply. But that is not my only focus. I also have a duty and responsibility to have meaningful relationships with my family, friends, significant other, and to invest in my daughters daily. 

For me personally, every day I get new opportunities and things across the board are growing exponentially. Are they where I want them? Of course not. But, they never will be because I will always push for them to grow and be better. 

For me success is about balance and freedom. Financial freedom to be able do go and do as I please. What I don’t want is have worked so much and so hard that I played my own version of Adam Sandler’s movie Click. Worked and focused so much that I neglected everyone that means something to me or those that truly love and cared about me. So at the end of a very long career I am alone, tired, bitter with all my money and can’t sleep at night. 

I view success as a daily assessment. Are you successful with your relationships? Are you successful with your health and fitness? Are you successful with your work? I don’t want to think so hard about the future that I miss the daily success and not enjoy the journey that I am on. I don’t want to look back and regret not spending more time with those that support me. The fact that I have 6 organizations that are healthy and stand on their own feet and continue to grow makes me feel successful. The fact that I have wonderful and healthy relationships with two of the most intelligent, beautiful young women that I’ve ever met makes me feel successful. The fact that I get to spend my time with a woman who adores me and supports all of my endeavors makes me feel successful. Having a partner in life is something I am extremely thankful for. The fact that I have a team of friends, employees, ambassadors that makes me feel like I have another family makes me feel successful. 

Have I always felt this way? No! I had to change my perception of what the definition of success is. I worked really hard each day to do just that. I have made changes to my daily routine to support these successes. I had to see me myself differently and to push myself out of my comfort zones. Improvising, adapting, and overcoming each day. 

Also!!!! Stop comparing yourself to others. Sometimes we can get caught up in who is doing what and who is getting what opportunity. The only person you are competing against is the version of yourself yesterday. In a day where social media is so present in our lives it is very easy to see all the good that is happening to the people you follow. What you don’t see is the failure, the rejection, and all the little dirty issues that they deal with on a daily basis. People portray the very best of what they want others to see. So don’t buy the hype. We all have stuff going on, focus on yourself, own your shit, and drive forward. Don’t worry about what others are doing and look at the guy or gal staring back at you in the mirror.

I can honestly say if I died today I would feel like I was successful.  But there is so much more fun and life to experience for this guy. 

This is one man’s opinion. What is yours?

Never quit, Never Surrender, Always Forward.

-Nick Koumalatsos

Excommunicated Warrior
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