I came up with a horribly wonderful idea. I told my girlfriend, Miss Capra and she said I was crazy!  The next 90 days I will attempt to accomplish my goals by executing a step by step plan.  It is going to be difficult however extremely rewarding. New Years Resolutions are horse crap because there is no plan. I will use my Best Self Co. Journal to map out my road to success.

I have three attainable goals for myself in the next 90 days:

1. Reach 8% BF By April 1st - I will work with Nick Bare to get my macros and supplements in order to achieve my goal.

2. Launch My Very Own Coffee - I need your help with this one, I need the right taste profile, the right name and the right bag for my brand.

3. VLOG Mon-Fri for the next 90 days - Thats 60 days of shooting and editing launched on my youtube channel of my day to day life and adventures. That includes a weekly TACTICAL TUESDAY video!

Please check out my kick-off video and stay tuned for my progress.

Also tell me your plans for 2018!