It’s Wednesday…. So here we go with the hump day meme posting all over your instagram, facebook, pinterest, twitter, or whatever your internet drug of choice is.

As I was crushing myself this morning on the stairmaster in my living room, I was thinking about macro goals. Then I was analyzing my micro objectives that will help me achieve those macro goals. I was excited, enthused, amped, stoked, pumped, and whatever other adjectives you can throw in there to explain the sheer intensity that I felt about the direction that I was heading.

You see, for me there is no hump day, there is no Monday, there are no weekends. It is just one line going forward, that is continuously going up and up and up and up. If I allowed myself to mentally think that there is a hump in the middle of the week that means that I’m going down as of Thursday, and to put it frank… FUCK THAT.

I’m only going up. As Fat Joe and Reme Ma says “Nothing Can Stop Me, I’m All The Way Up”. I kid, but, think about it. We all have objectives in our lives but if we are dragging on Monday, then excited to get over the “Hump Day”, then proceed to “live for the weekend” then we are going through our lives like a bunch of zombies waiting to die.

This life is short, we have to decide the imprint we are going to leave on this Earth. If it’s your thing to just get on the hamster wheel and go around and around until you are put in the dirt then that is your choice. No one wants to hear you complain about why you don’t have something or the fact that your life is not the way you want it. However, If you can just say no to hump day and put yourself on a forward track, then you might just achieve something and have a life actually worth living, instead of just trying to get through your week.

Random Person: “But Nick, I don’t have the luxury of working for myself”

Me: *Eyeroll*

Random Person: “I have kids, and bills, and adult responsibilities”

Me: “Yea I get it, that 40 hour work week is a killer. I guess you’re stuck then, good luck….’

Here is a concept. There are 168 hours in a week. Let’s say you work 50 to give the benefit of the doubt that you are putting in some extra work. We are going to put down you sleep 8 hours a night. Even though as of last year the average was 6.8 hours of sleep a night, which comes out to 47.6 hours a week. But for this, we are going to go with 56. Okay, so we are working 50 for the “man” and sleeping 56 hours. That leaves us with 62 hours in a week to work on our objectives, our fitness, our passion, our dreams, our goals, or whatever it is that makes this life worth living for you. SIXTY TWO HOURS! That is over the amount of time that you are working for the “man” You could have an entire other job, you could be building your business, learning a language, whatever the it is, you could be putting more time on that then you could be putting in your actual job. Stop wasting time on bullshit and the social norms.

Be freaking stoked for Monday to come, so that you can crush your objective with the power of Thor’s Hammer and Just say NO to hump days! Don’t allow yourself to think that tomorrow you are going to go down.

We are only going up and forward! Keep Killing! I love you all and remember positivity wins every time so be the light in the darkness!

I guess my cardio got me a little pumped this morning……

Excommunicated Warrior
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