The Mountain came to dinner! he was not pleased.... LOL

Well we are off to a good start. Landed, got car drove 45 minutes to Airbnb, got sorted out. Just as I was going to take a nap Krissy and my new boyfriend Ben showed up...... So back in the car to go get them. Then The party begun! Got back decided to throw the Drone up... Stepped away for what felt like 60 seconds to make everyone some coffee and Mr. Vincent crashed the drone! 

Came back crushed a whole bunch of meat with the largest men I've ever seen. Had my first taste of Highland Park Scotch and finally after 4 months my first cold Guinness. This made the sting of loosing a $1500 drone a little less. Oh yea did I mention he crashed it in the river.... Never to be seen again.

Hope you guys enjoyed the video and pictures from Day 1. 


Oh!! We got two shirts up and loaded! Check them out!