Nick was born in Hollywood Florida. He spent his childhood training to be Batman and planning his next big adventure. He grew up on the move and lived in 5 states by the time he was twelve. This only made him more adaptable and comfortable with integrating into any environment.

His teen years took a turn and were rocky to say the least. Nick was forced into juvenile detention at the age of twelve. After shaking his past Nick needed to find a new direction.

Nick joined the Marine Corps at 19 but not without a fight. Because of his troubled youth, Nick had to seek legal counsel just to be accepted. He suffered from a wrist injury within his first week of bootcamp. He spent five and a half months in basic training but graduated company honor grad.  It was his perseverance through adversity that set the tone for his future and a foreshadowing of things to come.

Nick went on to become a 12 year Special Operations Marine Corps veteran with Marine Reconnaissance and Marine Special Operations Command. He has deployed in support of OIF/OEF and other places all over the world. Has trained foreign police, military, and militia in several countries.

His military career prepared him for successful leadership and strategic operational planning. Nick is the founder and CEO of Alexander Industries as well as a successful adventure + informational YOUTUBE channel with his partner Alison Capra. From adventures to Iceland to concealed carry handgun tips, this channel is a peak into Nick's daily life as a VLOG.


Nick has heart for his community first and foremost. It is his life mission to see his brother's successful. Nick started The Raider Project. His mission is to connect with MARSOC and other USMC combat veterans to help them transition smoothly, peacefully and successfully into the private sector. Nicholas also recently started Robin Hood Pictures. This is a project his is very passionate about. He set out to produce movies FOR THE PEOPLE. Without a religious or political agenda. Movies that set us apart for telling the stories of the men who have given everything for their country. Men who have altered the course of our history. To paint a picture of the struggle with a transition from the wages of war. His hopes that the movie he produces will be an eye opening portrayal of what our modern day veterans are facing. These stories don't always have happy endings, but they have significant ones. Nick hopes to inspire action for the veteran community and celebrate their successes. 


A life of adventure and excitement. Nick resides in North Carolina with his wife and business partner of Alexander Industries, Alison. They own Snap Fitness, Ship On Site, A Coffee Company, Survival and Tactical Systems, and Miserable Cows and is co-owner of Johnny Slicks and organic grooming essentials company. Nick is a self-published author Ex-Communicated Warrior, 7-Stages of Transition, and co-author of fitness training books: USMC Prep, Recon Prep, and Marine Raider Prep. He has two beautiful daughters and a handsome dog, Leo. He spends his free time on the water or traveling to see his family in Greece.