The Nick Bare Show

In this episode I sit down with Nick Koumalatsos and talk business, military, YouTube and the the life of an entrepreneur.  Nick spent 12 years in the Marine Corps and 5 of those years in MARSOC.  He has a lot of experience that he was willing to open up and share.  Enjoy!



Sonoran Desert Institute (SDI) Webinar

Garett Bischoff and Nick Koumalatsos discusses what does it take to “get out of your own way” and pursue your goals? Nick explains what it takes to fulfill your dreams, free yourself from personal pain and self-sabotage and live your passion.


Global Recon Podcast 101-On for this week's podcast is former Marine Raider Nick Koumalatsos.

Nick explained his early life which was a bumpy road as he was getting in trouble prior to joining the Marine Corps. Overcoming several obstacles he made it in and began his journey. We talked about his time spent in Force Recon, and the Marine Raider Battalions. Nick shared a war story from his Force Recon days in Fallujah, Iraq running Asymmetrical operations.

We discussed transitioning out of the military, and several of the different ventures Nick has been spearheading including the Raider Project. We talked about Youtube, traveling, drone cameras and much more. Enjoy.


3:40-Nick's early life struggles. Entry into the Marine Corps.

28:08-The difference between Force Recon and the Marine Raider Battalions

33:35-Force Recon in Fallujah

47:38-Nick's transition out of the military.


Team Never Quit: Nick Koumalatsos – MARSOC – RECON- Raider Project Fonder – YouTube Personality – Veteran Advocate

Three Navy SEALs and MARSOC Marine walk into a bar…. This could be the beginning of a great joke. However, this week’s Podcast is NO Joke! Stand by as Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford, and #TheWizard welcome Nick Koumalatsos to the Team Never Quit Podcast. Stand by as this epic crew dives into Nick’s greatest #NeverQuitStory and what his incredible experiences have prepared him for as he transitioned out of the Marine Corps. This show is hilarious and profound as at the same time. Any time a bunch of SPEC Ops guys get together to tackle the best ways to get through life’s toughest times anyone listening is gonna win big time.

Nick is a true renaissance man. Since his challenging youth experiences, through his time as a RECON and MARSOC Marine, and since his separation from the CORPs, he’s been pushing the envelope of personal development. His unique perspective on life has enabled him to accomplish great things. Nick discusses his non-profit The Raider Project and how helping other Vets has taught him to be more genuine with his own identity. His incredible vision and insight towards following the things in life that make you happiest will no doubt leave listeners craving more from Nick.



Nick talks with a group of strength coaches that are traveling the world making people stronger, faster, smarter, and happier. Follow along while they discuss finding your passion and how we are all growing our businesses. 


Tactical Talk with Allison Barrie

Nick went from being a child of 12 who had already racked up felonies to reaching the most elite levels of the Marine Corps. He is the CEO of successful companies and has starred in a Discovery show Trailblazers...

How did he transform his life and triumph again and again over seemingly impossible challenges along the way?

Once you hear powerful, inspiring story you will be fired up + motivated to get out there and conquer whatever challenges you personally face.


EAGLE nation (team RWB)

Nick Koumalatsos is Marine (MARSOC) Veteran, the Director of The Raider Project, and an entrepreneur.  In this week’s episode, we have an inspiring conversation about life, transition, fitness, and how Ben Bunn and I (Blayne Smith) beat him at Rush Club 009.

A true renaissance man, Nick is involved in all kinds of cool projects.  He’s got an important perspective on life after the military and we’re really excited to share his story with Eagle Nation.


Feed Me Fuel me

This week on the @feedmefuelme podcast, Nick Koumalatsos dives deep into his journey of transition and reconfiguring his identity. He answers the question, "What do you do when everything that makes you who you are is no longer part of your life?" Semper Fidelis doesn’t begin to describe this Marine and founder of the Raider Project. Having walked the path himself, 7 deployments in 12 years as a Special Operations Marine, Nick is on a mission to ease the transition of active duty personnel into the civilian world and expose the greatest potential of those veterans to the world. The tools, trades, and skills taught and learned within the ranks of the military, are exactly the intangibles that leads to mission accomplishment in the civilian world. Follow Nick and The Raider Project as they make moves to expose the greatness of those who have served, and have a kick ass time doing so!


Cigars and sea stories 

On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories, we welcome the founder of Raider Project, Nick Koumalatsos.

Nick is a 12 year Special Operations Marine Corps veteran with Marine Reconnaissance and Marine Special Operations Command. He has deployed in support of OIF/OEF and other places all over the world. He has trained foreign police, military, and militia in several countries.

Now he’s the CEO of a training and consulting company, Survival and Tactical Systems and is the Director of The Raider Project a non-profit supporting Marines in their transition to the private sector.