L.A. is a little too high traffic, high priced and land locked for me. Some of the best and brightest minds live over there. But I like my concealed carry options and my 5 min commute a little too much to over spend very much time on the West Coast. I said they'd have to pay me to come back to L.A. and well "THEY" pulled my punk card... 

I linked up with some old and new friends for a very cool new project. Chad Ottenbreit, Canadian, snow-boarding, baddass owner of EEKOE clothing. And the lovely Christmas Abbott athlete and founder of CA Agency & Crossfit Invoke. We learned new things about each other. Christmas Abbott has STANK FOOT. But, EEKOE's bamboo socks are the solution! 

These bums made my quick trip to L.A. a blast!

More to come from this awesome adventure. STAY TUNED!